Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Few Photos

At last I have a few photos of the initial casts, so far just bare metal and washed versions. Hopefully there will be a few painted ones to follow.






Thursday, 17 June 2010

Production Moulds

Having been in email contact with many of you, I have come to realise that although there are others who would like some of the figures they do not normally want them in the same numbers as I do. Initially I was only going to have one production mould which would have allowed a Century of troops per spin.
Taking on board what has been said I am now going to have two production moulds. The first will be of 16 Musketeers. The second will have 10 Pikemen, 2 Officers, 2 NCOs and 2 Drummers. Can you guess which figure seemed to be the most popular?
When they go on sale they will be available as either individual figures and as units of 8 figures. The units will be 8 x Musketeers or 8 x Pikemen or 2 x Officers, 2 x NCOs, 2 x Drummers, 2 x Pikemen (to use as Standard Bearers). This should allow most people to form the units which they want while still working well for me doing the 80+ figure units.


to the new home of my de Saxe miniatures adventure. Moving everything here will achieve a couple of things;
First it will replace the Little Soldier website which has had hosting problems since - well since it started.
Second it will free up the Duchy of Strackenz blog for it's original purpose - to show the Duchies army.
Thirdly it will put all the information into one place and, hopefully, make it easier to find what you want.